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Octopath Traveler™

Role-Playing, Adventure
Begin your journey as one of eight protagonists, each with their own origin, talents, and goals, in OCTOPATH TRAVELER for Nintendo Switch.
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1 player
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Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play in a new world brought to life by Square Enix. Explore each traveler’s story and use their abilities in and out of battle. Will you expand your horizons as the Merchant or track down a traitor as the Warrior? Where will you go? Who will join you? You alone can choose your path. Step into the shoes of a traveler to inherit their struggles and strengths. Use each character’s special abilities to interact with the world and enhance your tactics in turn-based battles. The Dancer’s alluring charm leads followers into battle, whereas the Apothecary can mix items to heal allies or unleash explosive attacks. Discover enemy weaknesses and target them to break through their defenses. Store Boost Points with each turn and then spend them at strategic times to strengthen abilities, chain attacks, or provide aid. Choose the path you wish to walk and discover what lies beyond the horizon.

User Reviews

POSTED: Nov 20, 21 @ 7:08 AM
The best thing in this game are graphics(for me).This game is quite challenging (some bosses)and some are easy.There is alot stuff to do there i played this game around 100h and still didnt complete everything.The story of some caracters are really fun and interesting and for some it is sooooo boring(thats the only negative thing) I find only 2 caracters/8 to be boring but you can easily skip the story ;p you dont have to listen to their boring story. But will give still 5 stars because i ahd alot of fun playing it ?
POSTED: Sep 13, 21 @ 11:33 AM
It's an amazing rpg, but when you get into the later parts of it and everything starts to get a lil too much damage spongy.
POSTED: Sep 5, 21 @ 8:52 AM
POSTED: Sep 5, 21 @ 8:30 AM
POSTED: Sep 5, 21 @ 8:08 AM
POSTED: Jun 5, 21 @ 8:09 AM
POSTED: May 28, 21 @ 1:16 PM
I hope more old RPG's get redone in this style. I love this game. It's a bit hard especially since I'm relatively committed to avoiding grinding but it's really cool and the individual characters' stories are pretty interesting. Some of the character interactions didn't land as well since there basically are 8 individual stories lines with little overlap but that also shows their commitment to the gameplay model which kinda works.
POSTED: May 25, 21 @ 3:50 PM
What a great experience. You will start to love every character you play there. The grafics are awesome, the performance is great and the gameplay is entertaining. For me it is a perfect (old school) jrpg. I highly recommend it.
POSTED: Sep 8, 20 @ 10:02 AM
POSTED: Aug 9, 20 @ 9:14 PM
Unfortunately the story suffers a lot. There are eight characters that each have their own story. You can recruit all of them into a team, but they don’t really interact or have their stories pull together, they just fight together and then don’t really talk at all.
POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 2:18 PM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 4:51 PM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 2:32 PM
This game let's you pick who you want to start with and basically let you do whatever you want. It has muti different storys of each characters and there 8 different characters. All of them have 3 to 4 different chapters each. This game will be easily 50 to 70 hours of game play if you do all the story for each character. RPG on the Switch is perfect. The artwork seen little >.< to most people but to make a 2D game in a 3D world is very good in my opinion.
POSTED: Jun 13, 20 @ 1:54 AM
POSTED: Jun 5, 20 @ 4:19 PM
I absolutely love turn-based combat, and I think what this game did with it was interesting, but just didn't like it as much as other systems. The battle music is extremely repetitive & annoying. The story is more interesting for certain characters & I wish they were a bit more intertwined. The art style was amazing and I would love to see more games in this style.
POSTED: May 27, 20 @ 6:27 PM
You need to get. Really.
POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 5:34 AM
First of all, this game is beautiful to look at, the sounds are crisp and the music is amazing. What keeps this game from achieving a perfect score is the very grindy levelling up. You will have to stop to level up for, at times, hours, just to be at a good enough level to continue one of the tales. It abrupts the rhythm and, needless to say, it's not fun. But when you are travelling to new locations, exploring dungeons or continuing one of the main campaigns, it's great. Everything just falls into place to create one of the most enjoyable RPG experiences of recent times.
POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 6:51 AM
POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 3:07 AM
Great art, the best turn-based gameplay so far, great music, but nowadays a bit hard to find physical.
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 3:39 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:00 PM
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