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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate™


Hunting season is OPEN! This critically acclaimed action RPG series makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. 

Release Date
Aug 28th, 2018
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 -70%  $11.99 $39.99
Sale Ends
July 4th
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Number of Players
Single Player
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Hunting season is open! This critically acclaimed action RPG series makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. Take on epic hunts on the go or from the comfort of your own home! Choose from 14 different weapon types, mix and match them with unique Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, or even play as an adorable but ferocious Felyne in Prowler Mode! Featuring the largest cast of monsters for any game in the series, from returning fan favourites to mysterious never-before-seen monsters!

You can join up to three other players for co-op multiplayer action, either online or in person using local wireless. Join the hunt in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch!

On NSG Reviews©

My friends tell me it's just too oldschool for me. It's very representative of older monster hunter games. I kinda enjoyed it but I liked the demo for the new monster hunter game a bunch more.
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An impressive port from the 3DS. People coming from the latest PS4 title might find the controls heavier, but they are rewarding to master. Each fight is a challenge to perfect and the grind for new gear gives you the reason to do just that. Most of the Monsters feel really unique and have different moves or abilities or other gimmicks. They all feel alive and interesting to fight. Oh. And you can play as a cat, what's better than that? All and all one of the best games on the Switch.
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This is a celebration of all the Monster Hunter games up until MH4. If you did not like those, you won't like this one. But, if you DID enjoy them, then you'll find yourself right at home.
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One of the best games on Switch, kudos to Capcom to release this 3DS game and allow people to transfer their saves over, that was a nice touch. Such a nice thing to have MH on the Switch, super fun and addictive game.
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Admiral Hein
This is the reason why I bought my switch in the first place. I love all the grinding, monster slaying, item gathering quest this game has to offer. Every quest gives a satisfying reward that you want more. Easy 5 star.
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Capcom delivers a boss rush game packed to the brim with content. Each and every monster in this game has a personality of their own, with unique movesets and approaches to each different monster. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is one of the most "go to" games if you want a game that will take you hours and hours to complete giving you an experience with nigh infinite replayibility.
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* Disclaimer: Reviews are from the Steam (PC) version of the game. These are not indicative of performance on Switch.
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