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20 Ladies

Platformer, Action, Puzzle
Relax with a casual platformer where the entire objective is to find lady friends hidden throughout the stage!
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(USD) $3.99
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Dec 10
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1 player
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Enter a world of simple pleasures and minimalistic design, where your only goal is to navigate cleverly arranged stages, avoid spikes and locate beautiful female companions hidden in the environment. But beware of hazards! Break a heart three times, and you’ll instantly respawn at the beginning, with your lady counter reset to zero. You’ll need to touch them all without dying in order to proceed to the next stage and unlock an alluring image for each one you complete. Platforms in the foreground are silhouetted against lush hand-drawn backdrops. Clouds pass by overhead, trees sway in the breeze and historical architecture dots the landscape as mellow tunes accompany you on a chill quest for love. Your best times are tracked with each playthrough, inviting you to come back and top your own record. Features: • Slide, hop and leap through mazelike platforming stages! • Locate 20 ladies hidden around the environment. • Respawn instantly upon death and retry as many times as you like. • Challenge yourself to get better times on each level! • Unlock an image of a new lady with each stage you clear. • Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and chill soundtrack.

User Reviews

POSTED: Nov 20, 21 @ 8:13 PM
Platforming feels stiff rather than fluid, and the art you unlock is sub-par. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I expected a bit more lol.
Guest Date: Dec 08, 2021 @ 01:44 AM