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Asphalt 9: Legends

Racing, Arcade
Tear up the Asphalt & become the next Legend in the ultimate arcade racing game.
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up to 8 players
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The multi-award-winning arcade racing game on Nintendo Switch™ just got its second major update. PUSH YOUR LIMITS WITH NEW CONTENT FROM THE OSAKA UPDATE 10 brand-new cars Brand-new tracks in Osaka New Career Seasons New Multiplayer Seasons New customizable parts New garage upgrade A SHARED EXPERIENCE IN SPLIT SCREEN Fire up the split-screen game mode for an offline multiplayer challenge anytime, anywhere! Pick one of the 42 available tracks and grab up to 3 formidable opponents to show them who's best. THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS CARS Collect over 70 of the world’s most amazing speed machines. Each vehicle has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and high performance to create the most desirable lineup of any Asphalt game to date. CUSTOMIZATION AT YOUR DISCRETION Use the car editor to set your car’s exact color and materials. You can also pick the color of the Rims and Brake Calipers, and add Carbon Parts to fully customize your rides. You can even go the extra mile with custom body parts for select cars to create your own unique racing legend. BREATHTAKING LOCATIONS Feel the thrill of gravity-defying races across 80 tracks in the most amazing real-world locations. Race around giant tornados in the American wilderness or ride across the sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Each track offers endless gameplay opportunities to turn every race into a blockbuster movie. A BLAST OF ARCADE FUN Charge your nitro to unleash the ultimate Nitro Pulse and break the sound barrier! Amaze your friends and rivals with unreal aerial stunts, and win…

User Reviews

POSTED: Mar 23, 21 @ 7:18 PM
It's free. Good graphic. Pretty cars, that I don't get to own and wreck.

POSTED: Jan 28, 21 @ 11:36 AM
POSTED: Nov 4, 20 @ 3:05 PM
its fun and good looking but gets boring quick

POSTED: Sep 9, 20 @ 2:31 AM
It is filled with a lot of **** from pay-to-win games, but, as an arcade racing game, it's well put together.

POSTED: Sep 3, 20 @ 8:07 PM
good free racing game! totally worth a download

POSTED: Aug 7, 20 @ 7:23 PM
Really fun if u don't wanna spend a lot of money on games

POSTED: Aug 6, 20 @ 11:01 AM
POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 9:01 PM
For a free game this is a pretty fun experience

POSTED: Jul 29, 20 @ 2:33 PM
POSTED: Jul 28, 20 @ 7:37 AM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 7:45 PM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 6:43 PM
Basically my favorite game that I'll go back to over and over again. I find Mario Kart boring compared to this.

POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 1:27 PM
pretty good game

POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 10:19 AM
Good racing game. Worth your time but you need to be connected in internet all the time to play this game which is the only thing I didn't like. By the way, it is free to play so it still a decent game.

POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 1:11 PM
Its a spectacular game, with gorgeous graphics and entertaining gameplay. Its a shame it has so many performance issues on switch. I had to stop playing it because it simply wouldn't run anymore after about 10 hours of gameplay. That's a pity, technical issues aside its a great game!

POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:30 PM
Guest Date: May 15, 2021 @ 06:51 AM