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Fire Emblem™: Three Houses

Adventure, Role-Playing
Shape the future of a continent on the verge of war in Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch.
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(USD) $59.99
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1 player
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War is coming to the continent of Fódlan. Here, order is maintained by the Church of Seiros, which hosts the prestigious Officer’s Academy within its headquarters. You are invited to teach one of its three mighty houses, each comprised of students brimming with personality and represented by a royal from one of three territories. As their professor, you must lead your students in their academic lives and in turn-based, tactical RPG battles wrought with strategic, new twists to overcome. Which house, and which path, will you choose?

User Reviews

POSTED: Jan 20, 21 @ 11:53 AM
POSTED: Dec 26, 20 @ 8:49 PM
Fantastic game. Super fun gameplay, engaging story, characters I deeply care about, combat that is fun, exciting, rewarding, challenging, and never gets old. This game has a ton of replayability as well because of the three houses and all the characters you can recruit. I definitely recommend this for all Fire Emblem fans, but also JRPG fans, fans of turn based combat, and just RPG fans in general.

POSTED: Sep 8, 20 @ 10:00 AM
POSTED: Aug 27, 20 @ 1:41 PM
POSTED: Aug 10, 20 @ 5:42 PM
This game is let other great RPG made by Nintendo. You get to pick your team and recruit members from other classes in school. You can make a team of whatever jobs you want too. You also get to pick what story you want base on the school you picked. This game has many hours in it and it's a perfect buy. (40+ hour game) Perfect story!

POSTED: Aug 6, 20 @ 11:02 AM
POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 2:11 PM
POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 1:20 PM
This is actually my first Fire Emblem game, and I loved it! I'm hoping they'll bring some of the others to Switch one day.

POSTED: Jul 29, 20 @ 7:35 PM
Amazingly interesting story, a lot of fun with whichever house you pick. My personal favorite is the Blue Lions.

POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 4:49 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 1:10 PM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 4:29 PM
This is my all time favorite game! The music, Gameplay, story, characters, and cutscenes are all amazing!

POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 3:27 PM
POSTED: Jun 16, 20 @ 11:29 PM
Lags sometimes but otherwise it's perfection

POSTED: Jun 5, 20 @ 3:50 PM
I love older FE games, but for some reason the levels on this game were just so boring, and I can't really place my finger on why. Overall the graphics are a huge step down from the beautifully-animated 2D sprites, and the characters & story peak your interest but then never follow-through on the interesting points. (especially if you play certain routes first like I did with the blue lions where literally nothing happens). To give one example of this: I thought it was strange that no characters really addressed Edelgard's final form. I don't think you should have to play what are essentially the same boring missions over and over just to experience the full story

POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 5:31 AM
Golden Deer Forever!

POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 1:31 PM
POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 7:25 AM
POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 6:51 AM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 3:37 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 2:45 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 2:00 PM
Overall this is my personal favorite game of all time however it is disappointing with the graphics and the performance when in the church there is a noticeable FPS drop when in curtain areas as well when playing zoomed in battles. but performance aside it a really good game overall.

POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:43 PM
ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Have I every played a switch game with so much charisma, refinement and polish? I don't THINK SO! This game combines the classic fire emblem formula with an engaging high school aspect similar to "PERSONA 5". I recommend this game for anyone that likes strategy turn based rpg's or games of that style. If you're worried about the school aspect, don't worry, its the funnest part!

POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:02 PM
Guest Date: Apr 19, 2021 @ 09:37 AM