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Team up with a special weapon, the Legion, to investigate and fight against alien-like creatures invaders in ASTRAL CHAIN™, only on Nintendo Switch!
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(USD) $59.99
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up to 2 players
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The few survivors of a massive global disaster gather together in a futuristic megacity. Now it’s your job to protect them against otherworldly invaders–but you’re not alone as a member of a special police task force equipped with sentient armaments called Legions. In this brand-new action game from PlatinumGames, control the protagonist and a Legion simultaneously to chain stylish combos. Change Legions on the fly to vary your style and unleash a variety of abilities. The last remnants of humanity depend on you, and to save the world, you must investigate its dark side. Explore a near-future cyberpunk metropolis, solving crimes and seeing how the last remnants of humanity struggle to survive. As you save the world from extradimensional invaders called chimeras, you’ll also interact with citizens, question suspects, and team up with members of your task force to solve cases. Utilizing the abilities of Legions will be necessary in these investigations; you may need to track the scent of a missing person or subdue aggressive criminals! Beyond this last land left to humanity lies the Astral Plane, the alternate dimension from which the chimeras invade. As you explore its labyrinthine corridors, you must use your Legions to solve environmental puzzles and expose the secrets of this strange realm.

User Reviews

POSTED: May 26, 21 @ 3:28 AM
POSTED: May 25, 21 @ 3:26 PM
POSTED: Dec 26, 20 @ 8:54 PM
POSTED: Nov 5, 20 @ 9:18 AM
A well-done game with fun action-oriented gameplay. The soundtrack is awesome and I loved my time with this game. Absolute must own for action-loving gamers.

POSTED: Sep 1, 20 @ 1:16 PM
Just amazing????????????????

POSTED: Aug 6, 20 @ 10:52 AM
POSTED: Aug 2, 20 @ 11:54 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 4:49 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 1:08 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 12:45 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 3:29 AM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 8:14 PM
Another masterpiece made by PlatinumGames. The combat is so cool and fun, it might be slower comparing it with games such as Bayonetta or NieR: Automata but the Legion mechanics make it unique and very challenging.

POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 4:44 PM
Thought it was gonna be open world free roam. It's not. Haven't beaten it yet, but still fun even though its not what I thought it was gonna be.

POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 2:32 PM
This is one if not my favorite game so far on Switch. The combo is fast and you have fun control over what you fight. I love that I got to play a cop to find out things but this game will make you cry and smile and be hyped alot.

POSTED: Jun 13, 20 @ 1:54 AM
POSTED: May 23, 20 @ 12:51 AM
POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 5:31 AM
Best-looking game on Switch. The story is a bit cringe, but the world and the gameplay are superb in every aspect.

POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 10:16 PM
Platinum games first exclusive Nintendo Switch Game is a stylize hyper combat with a twist. Where you manage two character at once in real time with some detective mechanics thrown in for good measure. Story-wise it's as Anime-esque as you can get whether that appeals to you is up to you. Quite the typical your the savior of the world with some government scheme happening behind your back. Playing through the game while the dual gameplay style execution is not bad. It doesn't quite reach it's greatest potential and while the detective mode was unique, it was quite tedious switching back and forth when searching for unluckables. Overall While I had some fun with the game, it didn't quite hook me as it should have.

POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 6:53 AM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 7:13 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 3:37 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:45 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:19 PM
Very fun game with a great story line and original ideas.

POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 12:17 PM
POSTED: Dec 11, 19 @ 9:37 AM
POSTED: Nov 30, 19 @ 10:30 PM
Awesome new IP by Platinum Games. I would classify this game as an action adventure with RPG elements. You play as a police officer whom has the ability to control "Legions" which are your battle companions. You spend half the time doing police work (finding clues and completing main and side quests) and the other half fighting enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses. The police station is a main hub where you can heal up, upgrade equipment and your Legion's abilities, and start new mission. So, you spend quite a bit of time in there. The missions are in different regions of the city and another dimension. Gameplay is very straight forward, you have a case, you need to find clues to solve the case, you engage in battle with enemies. There are quite a few twists along the story that keeps the game fresh. Art style is very anime like. It does look really good on handheld and when docked. Performance is good, with very few drops in frame rate when on the most demanding action sequences. For the most part it feels really smooth.

Guest Date: Jun 13, 2021 @ 01:08 AM