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Super Mario Maker™ 2

Platformer, Action
Break the rules and make the Super Mario courses you’ve always dreamed of in Super Mario Maker 2, only on Nintendo Switch!
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(USD) $59.99
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Number of Players
up to 4 players
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Mario fans of the world, unite! Now you can play, create, and share* the side-scrolling Super Mario™ courses of your dreams in the Super Mario Maker™ 2 game, available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™ system! Dive into the single-player Story Mode and play built-in courses to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. Make your own courses, alone or together. And with a Nintendo Switch Online membership*, share your courses, access a near-endless supply made by others, enjoy online multiplayer, and more! A new side-scrolling Mario adventure that unleashes the creative potential of Super Mario Maker 2 awaits in Story Mode, which contains over 100 built-in courses. And in Course Maker, a wide range of parts, tools, and more are available so you can construct your own courses. Want coin-shooting cannons? Bowser riding on a giant Goomba? Cat Mario sliding down slopes to take out an army of baddies? Go for it! You call the shots. Pass a Joy-Con™ controller to a partner to build cooperatively on a single system! Power-up the fun even further with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, which gives you access to Course World and its wealth of online content and functionality. Track your rankings, share your creations, and leave comments after you’ve played courses. With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can also tackle Endless Challenge, save online courses locally for later offline play, enjoy online multiplayer with players both near and far, and customize how you appear to others by dressing your Mii™ character with fun accessories!

User Reviews

POSTED: May 27, 21 @ 9:02 AM
Really cool concept. Every possible, conceivable, 2d Mario game exists because of this. I don't play this as much anymore but whether you're into making or playing, if you like Mario this is for you. Online is a bit rough.

POSTED: May 26, 21 @ 4:31 AM
POSTED: May 1, 21 @ 5:36 PM
POSTED: Apr 10, 21 @ 4:35 PM
i love this game.. perfect :D

POSTED: Mar 10, 21 @ 2:57 PM
this game is very fun, you get to make your own levels, play pre-made levels, and levels from other people. the graphics look like the original games and the speed is good, my only problem is the lag that you sometimes get when playing online

POSTED: Feb 1, 21 @ 5:55 AM
Who doesn't like making their own Mario levels!

POSTED: Jan 25, 21 @ 11:30 AM
A wide variety of levels for all skills, cute story and fun challenge.

POSTED: Oct 5, 20 @ 2:55 AM
must have

POSTED: Sep 3, 20 @ 10:13 PM

POSTED: Aug 27, 20 @ 1:42 PM
POSTED: Aug 6, 20 @ 10:39 AM
POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 8:47 PM
This is my first Mario game! It's not the best for someone who's never really played Super Mario before because there were a lot of things I didn't know how to do (like grabbing items, jumping onto buttons, changing coins into blocks, etc). I understood only the very basics as a platformer but couldn't solve the puzzles without some help from my brother who guided me through the tricks. After help with the first few "jobs" in story mode, I really had the hang of it and started getting hooked! I'm only playing Story Mode for now so that I feel comfortable with all things Mario before making my own courses and getting deeper into others' submissions.

POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 7:04 PM
Amazing game with endless mario levels, a huge arsenal of creation tools, with endless possibilities this game is definitely worth its price.

POSTED: Jul 30, 20 @ 6:44 PM
This would be the perfect 2D Mario toolbox if: A. Creator discoverability was better | B. Online wasn't so laggy Other than those two things, I still have a lot of fun playing and creating.

POSTED: Jul 28, 20 @ 7:30 AM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 4:49 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 12:45 PM
POSTED: Jul 27, 20 @ 8:00 AM
Everything about this game is brilliant but the online tends to be laggy a lot

POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 4:23 PM
POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 2:32 PM
The story mode is very short and the story is a basic fix my castle kind of thing. If you buy this you want to play the fun and super addictive. The online can lag little but doesn't happen much. The online is be alive for years.

POSTED: Jul 12, 20 @ 12:16 PM
Just a Great game

POSTED: Jul 11, 20 @ 7:01 PM
POSTED: Jul 3, 20 @ 3:18 AM
Unlimited Creativity!

POSTED: Jul 2, 20 @ 5:14 PM
The online.

POSTED: Jun 13, 20 @ 1:54 AM
POSTED: Jun 5, 20 @ 4:15 PM
Bought the game and played it for a day, but ended up giving it to my friend as it just wasn't for me. Not a huge fan of platformers to begin with, and was disappointed by the lack of options to play with more than one person, which was originally the main reason I bought it.

POSTED: Jun 3, 20 @ 3:45 AM
POSTED: Apr 26, 20 @ 6:23 AM
POSTED: Apr 21, 20 @ 2:24 AM
POSTED: Apr 18, 20 @ 10:00 PM
POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 11:55 PM
In this review i'd like to talk about the 2 sides of SMM2: Creating and Playing. First: making levels. Since there's not the Wii U gamepad to draw on so making levels isn't as easy as it is in that game, but the UI is still amazing. If i'm finding an item, i would be able to find it with 5 seconds. However, the charm and wackyness of the original seems to be lacking in this game. As for playing, there's a full fleged story mode in this game and it's not anything massive, but it's a mode that'll give a few more hours of playtime. Playing levels for the most part is great. There's local and online multiplayer which kinda works, but it's not the best multiplayer ever. Expect chaos all over the place. 100 Mario Challenge is now replaced with Endless challenge which is better in my opinion. Overall, it's a game that really depends on what you'll feel like doing. If you like weird and wacky levels, then this game is for you.

POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 8:38 PM
POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 2:58 AM
Editor is harder to use than the Wii U one, so the levels in this game have a bigger level of "commitment" poured into them.

POSTED: Apr 17, 20 @ 1:00 AM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 3:38 PM
POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 3:07 PM
I bought this game for someone else. But, I could not resist it. so I played it before giving it as a gift. AND, OMG, This game is amazing. If you have a creative mind, this is your game. PD: I kept the game for myself LOL XD

POSTED: Apr 16, 20 @ 11:54 AM
POSTED: Dec 17, 19 @ 10:08 AM
It's unlimited 2D Mario. Play thru the short campaign and make you own Mario levels or play from the thousand of levels created by other players around the world. A must have Mario game.

Guest Date: Jun 13, 2021 @ 01:11 AM