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Adventure, Puzzle 

From the Creators of INSIDE 

Release Date
Jun 28th, 2018
ESRB Rating
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 -80%  $1.99 $9.99
Sale Ends
July 11th
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Number of Players
Single Player
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Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO

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i got this game along with inside for a total of 4$ on sale and it was 100% worth it. both are some of the best games i've ever played, i beat them both in the same day with like an hour between. the only times i ever got stuck on something was me just being dumb, all the puzzles feel great to complete, and for most of the game its an onslaught of beating puzzles. 10/10 game (switch)
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Original 2D stylized survival horror game. One of a kind when it first released in 2010. Still one of the best of its kind up there with INSIDE.
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RenyaKara 5/12/2021
You should try Stela if you liked Limbo. Not as dark but does quite a few cool things with the art and atmosphere :)
iRamos99 5/12/2021
@RenyaKara Thanks for the recommendation. Just watched the trailer and it looks interesting. I'll add it to my wishlist and hopefully, it'll go on sale soon!
A classic, ominous, 2D adventure puzzler that I've played a ton back on the Xbox Arcade. Might be my nostalgia glands swelling up, but this game is a great and impactful experience. Well, for the player... not the boy stuck in Limbo lol.
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iRamos99 12/23/2020
Yes! this is indeed a great experience. I also played this back in the day on Xbox Arcade and never was able to beat it. Got stuck, I think it was on a gravity or electricity puzzle. I really want o go back and try to beat it once and for all!
VoluXian 12/24/2020
@iRamos99 Sweet, you too huh. Yeah, both of those places in the game are a real brain teaser. I do remember it taking me quite some time to figure them out in my very first playthrough on Xbox Arcade, and it even took me a bit to recall what to do replaying the parts on Switch lol.

They're definitely those puzzles that feel extremely satisfying after figuring them out on your own. If you do eventually try and officially beat Limbo, best of luck on the areas!
iRamos99 12/26/2020
Crazy!!! Just beat the game on Switch and the puzzle I got stuck on was literally the last one ???? !
VoluXian 12/26/2020
@iRamos99 Nice! And wow, so you unknowingly stopped playing at the very end of the game. I can heavily relate to that lol.

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