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Super One More Jump

Arcade, Platformer, Party, Other
Super One More Jump is a hand-crafted, frantic, one touch arcade platformer.
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(USD) $7.00
Release Date NA
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SMG Studio
Number of Players
up to 4 players
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Super One More Jump is a hand-crafted intense arcade platformer. Simple to learn one button controls. Hard to master levels. Test your muscle memory, concentration and sanity! Features: Now fully reworked & upgraded for the Nintendo Switch! 100+ Hand crafted levels Insanely-hard challenge levels! (Seriously, enter at own risk..) Endless mode: New random level every play! 2 player vs. mode. Compete for the highest score & glory! Up to 4 players crazy co-op mode Original music soundtrack by Batterie Customise your character with easily unlockable themes & avatars from some of our favorite artists; Toby Dixon(@tbdxn) Ilija Melentijevic (@iLkKke) Cocefi (@chickysprout) Sven ‘ptoing’ Ruthner (@the_ptoing) Mister Hk (@mr_hk_) Stephane Boutin (@JGSBoutain) Helm (@helm_ll) Anders Gullmarsvik (@itchabop) Ian Cid (@skydevilpalm) How to Play: Press any button to JUMP Time your JUMPS between platforms using power ups, patience and skill Collect all three level diamonds to master the level From the studio that brought you Death Squared. Haven't played it? Shame on you :)

User Reviews

POSTED: Apr 18, 20 @ 9:07 PM
I think that SOMJ is a nice little game to play, time to time I would give it a 4/5
Guest Date: Dec 08, 2021 @ 01:40 AM