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Journey of the Broken Circle

Adventure, Education, Platformer, Lifestyle
Platforming & Storytelling *literally* go hand in hand on a journey about much more than love.
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1 player
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"an experience everyone should play through at least once" - Nintendo World Report Meet fascinating characters on your quest to complete the imperfect Circle. New partners bring unique abilities and their own personality to roll with... In this 3-5 hours adventure, full of ups and downs but always playful and rewarding, the Circle learns about itself and you, along with it. • "The perfect mix of platform-puzzling goodness, and deep, profound story-telling." Cubed3 • “It is a minimalist romantic tale that plumbs the depth of human emotion, examining angst and anxiety and impermanence. For a game populated by talking trees, circles and balloons, it depicts a universally human story in a genuinely lovely way.” Pure Nintendo • “Visually, the game is simple yet striking. The clever use of the minimal color palette makes for stunning environments that are both varied and memorable.” COGconnected • “Journey of the Broken Circle is a unique and special type of game.” Nintendo World Report DEVELOPED BY Lovable Hat Cult “It’s a game about this little something that always seems to be missing…a better job, a nicer place to live, an ideal relationship… We wanted to tell a story of self-discovery in a fun, universal and relatable way. We probably also wanted to answer our own questions: would the Circle find what it was looking for? Or how would it all end?” - Andrea & Patrick from the Copenhagen-based studio. PUBLISHED BY Nakana.io “We gather games that share a strong experience to remember. We hope you’ll enjoy the sweet and tasteful…

User Reviews

POSTED: Sep 5, 21 @ 8:40 AM
POSTED: May 25, 21 @ 1:32 PM
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! A simple platformer with a great story. It is mainly easy with a few challenging portions. May or may not have shed a tear.
POSTED: May 2, 21 @ 5:08 PM
I've got mixed feelings about Journey of the Broken Circle... One one hand, the story is quite good and the way it's told feels personal. The struggles of accepting yourself in the way you are. The game is divided in 5 sections, with three big chunks. The broken circle will encounter 3 different characters which fit perfectly in his missing spot. Each character has a different power and a different view about the world and really they're quite well written. However, the loading screens, which you'll see quite often break the immersion in the game. In addition to that some of the levels tend to be quite frustrating. And no, it's not my skills. I understand that some of the levels overall atmosphere are designed to represent the mental health of the characters but in the same time it's a fine line between that and making the players dread continuing cause of that one level. Especially that Journey of the Broken Circle is listed as Walking sim rather than platformer. That asside, the story is worth playing for. Especially that this is the sort of game that hits sales quite often.
Guest Date: Sep 22, 2021 @ 04:44 PM