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Castle of Heart

Platformer, Action, Adventure
Prove that under the skin of stone beats a heart of a true hero!
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(USD) $14.99
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Number of Players
1 player
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CASTLE OF HEART, available exclusively for Nintendo Switch™, is a classic action platformer at the genre’s best… and most challenging, with plentiful of new twists on formula to experience. The players take control over a cursed knight, turned to stone by the evil sorcerer’s spell, but ready to prove that love and courage can conquer even the darkest magic. The brave hero must travel all the way from the petrified village to the dark ruler’s castle, mastering 20 levels set in 4 distinct environments – full of enemies who require different strategies to face them successfully and sudden gameplay changes, which translate to exciting, dynamic action sequences. The selection of progressively more powerful additional weapons, from flaming grenades to powerful magical arsenal, as well as power-ups, will help him in his quest. But remember – the body of stone has its limits! It disintegrates permanently as the knight loses the energy, which he can supply only by defeating his enemies, and if the process reaches the critical level, he may lose one of his arms and the ability to wield additional weapons with it. Castle of Heart offers beautiful and detailed 3D graphics with changing landscape, weather conditions and rich backgrounds. The game’s aesthetics and bestiary are in equal parts inspired by the Slavic mythology – with some locations derived straight from famous, mystical locations in Poland, the developers’ home country – and the dark fantasy atmosphere of the best action platformer titles from the golden age of the genre. All of this makes Castle of…

User Reviews

POSTED: Jul 26, 20 @ 6:58 PM
POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 10:14 AM
Easy gameplay. Not so hard to finish. Nice storyline. Nothing more to say, it just simple game. Totally simple. LOL

POSTED: Apr 19, 20 @ 5:43 AM
Easy to pick up 2D action-platform. It's very repetitive, but not a bad game at all. It goes on sale pretty often, so I recommend picking it up then.

POSTED: Dec 17, 19 @ 9:41 AM
Guest Date: Apr 19, 2021 @ 08:19 AM